Workplace is nothing but a war place. We need to keep all our weapons ready always. Weapons doesn’t mean swords or stones. Our capabilities, discipline, morals, working models, sincerity and all our qualities work as our weapons. Author of this unique book Sunitha Veluguri revealed in an excellent manner how to utilize your weapons in a fruitful way and get succeeded in all your efforts.

Win@ Workplace is the very first book of its kind in India to provide handy information on hundreds of issues for the benefit of lakhs and crores of employees working in India or abroad.

The book offers valuable and authoritative guidelines on how employees should behave at the workplace, deal with colleagues and customers, handle problems, surmount stress and excel in life and career even as they contribute to the company’s growth, development and success. The first of its kind book in India.

First edition of this book was released in April 2016 and got heavy applause from the readers, employees and management gurus. Now the second edition is in the market with more updated text and examples.

Prahlaad Modekar, a senior management guru from Mumbai quoted in his review about this book as ‘A must Book for every employee’, and the quote is now on the title page of the second edition of the book. Thank you Prahlaad sir.

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